Hopkins-Suburban landscapes

This is a series of paintings I did in the early 2000’s. Based in part on the landscape of my suburban neighborhood and in part on the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.  All of these are oil on canvas; the dimensions are in inches. Some are still available and if you are interested in purchasing, please contact me.

Landscape no. 1
Landscape no.1. 36 x 36
Landscape no. 2
Landscape no. 2. 16 x 20
Landscape no.3
Landscape no. 4. 18 x 24
Landscape no. 4
Landscape no. 3. 18 x 24. Sold.
Hopkins 3
‘there lives the dearest…” 16 x 20
there lives the dearest
“there lives the dearest…” 2. 18 x 24 NFS.
landscape under survey no. 1
Landscape under survey. 16 x 20
Red Landscape
Red landscape. 16 x 20
Landscape no. 5. 16 x 20
the brown brink eastward springs. 18 x 24


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